So you’ve decided to convert your garage into a home gym?

If Yes, then it’s a great first step in taking control of your fitness journey!

But before you start working out in your new home gym, you need to make sure it’s properly lit.

In this post, we’ll go over the best lighting for garage gym so you can light up your workouts.

So read on!

Why is it Important to Have the Best Lighting for Garage Gym?

Generally speaking, people pay a lot of attention to the kind of equipment they need to buy for their garage gym (rightly so), but they pay very little attention to the type of lighting that will be ideal for their space. Below are the three main reasons why proper lighting for your garage gym is important:

1. Safety

The first and most important reason why you need to have the best lighting for your home gym is safety.

If your garage is not properly lit, you run the risk of injuring yourself while working out.

For example, if you’re lifting weights and you can’t see clearly, you’re more likely to drop the weights on your feet or toes.

Or you can trip over some dumbbells if you can’t see where everything is in the dark.

In addition, creepy crawlies like dark areas and you definitely don’t want them near you when you’re working out.

2. To See Progress

Seeing the improvements in your physique after weeks or months of working out is a great feeling and one of the main motivations to keep going.

But if your garage gym is not properly lit, you might not be able to see the pump and the changes in your body as clearly.

This can lead to discouragement and eventually, quitting your workout routine altogether.

So make sure you have good lighting in your garage gym in order to see the progress you’re making!

3. To Feel More Energetic

Research has shown that the type of lighting in a room can affect your mood.

For example, blue light has been shown to boost energy and alertness, while yellow light has been shown to promote relaxation.

So if you want to feel more energetic while working out, make sure your garage gym is well-lit so you can feel more pumped for your workouts and get the most out of them.

What are The Different Lighting Options for Garage Gym?

There are 5 main options when it comes to lighting your garage gym. Let’s take a quick look at all of them:

1. Sunlight

Nothing can beat the power of natural sunlight.

If you’re lucky enough to have a south-facing garage with windows, you will have decent lighting during the day.

However, you’ll still need some sort of artificial lighting in case you’re going to work out in the evening or at night.

2. LED Lights

LED lights are an amazing lighting option for your home gym.

They’re energy-efficient, long-lasting, and they emit very little heat.

Plus, they come in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Additionally, these lights are not too expensive, making them a great option for those on a budget.

And if you want to save even more money, you can get solar-powered LED lights.

Just make sure you get high-quality LED lights so they will last longer and won’t overheat.

3. Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are another popular gym lighting option.

They’re a more traditional and cheaper option to light up your home gym, but they emit more heat than LED lights.

So if you live in a hot climate, you might want to avoid these types of lights.

However, they’re still a good option if you’re on a budget and you want decent lighting for your home gym.

4. Spot Lights

Spotlights are a great way to light up specific areas in your home gym.

For example, you can light up your equipment like a squat rack, bench, or weight-lifting platform.

Spotlights also come in a variety of different colors that help you give your garage gym an artistic touch. They are also great for posing in case you’re getting ready for a competition.

However, the downside is that some areas of your home gym might not be properly lit and you’ll still need other types of lights to supplement them.

And they can be a little expensive, especially if you need a lot of them.

5. Smart Lights

These are the lights from the future. You can control them with your voice, phone, or even with your smartwatch.

You can change the color and brightness with just a few clicks.

Plus, you can automate them so they turn on and off at specific times or when you open or close the garage door.

They might be a bit more expensive than other gym lighting options, but they’re definitely worth the money.

So those are the different lighting options for your garage gym.

Now let’s take a look at how to choose the best lighting option and decide how many lights you need for your home gym.

What Kind of Lighting is Best for Garage Gym?

Out of the five options we mentioned above, we recommend that you either get LED lights or LED smart lights for your garage gym.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can buy just any type of LED lights.

You want to make sure you get high-quality LED lights that can mimic natural light as closely as possible.

So 5000k LED lights or smart lights are pretty much the ideal lighting for a home gym.

Other than providing the closest possible to natural lighting, below are some additional benefits of using these lights:

  • These lights are energy efficient
  • Run on low voltage
  • Emit little to no heat
  • Are long-lasting
  • Can be controlled with your voice, phone, or smartwatch (if you go with smart LED lights)

Now that you know what kind of lights to get for your garage gym, let’s take a look at how many lights you need.

How Many Lights Do You Need for Your Garage Gym?

The number of lights you need for your garage gym depends on the size and dimensions of your garage. If you go with fewer lights, then you run the risk of making your home gym look gloomy.

But if you go with too many lights, then it might be too bright and blinding when you’re working out.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a single-car garage (around 3.5m x 6.0m), then you should aim to install at least one 5000k LED light on each corner of your garage.

What Type of Lighting Fixtures Should You Use?

Ceiling fixtures are ideal for garage gyms as they help evenly distribute light throughout the space.

They also come in a variety of different styles and designs such as round shaped, rectangular, and square.

You can go with any shape that you like as long as the LED lights are 5000k to properly illuminate your workout space.

Should You Consider The Climate When Getting Lights for Home Gym?

The type of climate you live in doesn’t play a big role especially if you go with LED lights for your home gym.

As mentioned earlier, these types of lights generate little to no heat so you don’t need to worry about your gym space being extra hot in summer due to lighting.

However, if your home gym gets too hot to work out in during summer, then you need to take steps to keep it cool.

Be sure to check out our 15 tips to keep your garage gym cool in the summer.

Additional Tips to Improve The Lighting of Your Home Gym

Below are some additional tips that will help improve the lighting of your home workout space:

Install Mirrors

Installing mirrors in your home gym will not only help you see your progress, but the mirrors also help in casting light around the room.

Mirrors do this really well with the sunlight. The larger the mirror, the brighter your home gym will feel during the day.

Choose Light Color Paints

Painting your garage gym with light colors such as white, light blue and rich green will also make the space look brighter.

If your home gym looks bright and full of energy, you’ll feel more motivated to work out there.

After all, who wants to exercise in a dark and gloomy room?

Open Your Garage Door When Working Out

For additional light in your home gym, you can always open your garage door when working out.

This will also help with the ventilation which is important, especially during summer.

So don’t be shy to open your garage door when working out and take advantage of the natural sunlight as much as you can!

Final Thoughts

We hope that this post has helped you understand what type of lighting will be best for your garage gym. Below are some of the key takeaways from this post:

  • Go with either LED or LED smart lights as these are energy efficient and last longer.
  • Choose the light color which is as close to natural light as possible. 5000k LED lights emit the closest possible light to natural light.
  • Calculate the number of lights you need by taking into account the size and dimensions of your garage gym.

Do you have any other tips about the best lighting for home gym?

Let us know in the comments below!

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