So you want to burn some calories to get back in shape, but hate going to the gym?

Well, you are not alone.

While some people enjoy working out and lifting weights, but for many, gym and exercise are more boring and torturous than a maths class.

Joining a gym or a boot camp is not mandatory to shed extra pounds. You can also get in shape by indulging in some of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities known to man.

In this post, we present to you 8 fun and easy ways of burning 150 calories without even trying too hard. Incorporating one or two of these activities in your daily routine along with maintaining a healthy diet will put you on track to burn pounds of unnecessary body fat in no time.

1. Jump on a Trampoline

Let your inner child out and try to jump as high as you can on a trampoline. It is a great way of releasing stress and burning calories without too much effort. Jumping on a trampoline for about 30 minutes burns 152 calories.

2. Play Video Games

You must be thinking that we are crazy. OK… maybe we’re a little crazy, but playing active video games like Raving Rabbits and Outdoor challenge help you break a sweat and have fun at the same time. Playing any such active video game for 30 minutes will help you burn at least 160 calories.

3. Try Hoola Hooping

Hoola hooping not only helps you burn calories, but it also strengthens your core and helps you get that trimmed waistline. So let yourself off the hook and hoola hoop for about 20 minutes to burn 150 calories.

4. Shoot Hoops

Who doesn’t like to dunk the ball? It is a great way of relaxing yourself and improving your focus. What makes this fun activity even more useful is that it helps you burn 150 calories in about 22 minutes. So turn on the volume on “I believe I can fly” and dunk it like Jordan.

5. Play With Your Kids and Pets

In this fast paced world, we are so busy with our jobs and daily routines that we forget to spend time with the individuals who should matter the most in our lives. Well, you must take out at least half an hour every day to play with your loved ones and kill two birds with one stone. Try some soccer with your kids or take your dog out for an active game of Frisbee to burn 150 calories in 30 minutes.

6. Punch Your Anger Out

Feeling angry or stressed? Let your punching bag have some of it. Punching a sandbag is a great relaxation activity which also equips you with the art of self defense. On average, working on a punching bag for 15 minutes burns 185 calories.

7. Fall in Love With Gardening

What is more relaxing than nourishing and trimming your backyard on a bright and sunny early morning? Mowing your lawn with a manual mower and getting down and dirty while taking care of your beloved plants helps you burn 150 calories in 30 minutes.

8. Try Zumba

Most people enjoy dancing even if they don’t know how to. Zumba is a great way of getting your whole body moving while you enjoy every second of it. Download a few zumba videos on your computer or cell phone and burn 220 calories in just 20 minutes of zumba.

Final Words

You can not get in the shape of your life overnight. However, you can surely speed up this journey and make it much more fun if you do the activities mentioned above to burn extra calories.

These activities are also a great way of releasing stress which is a major reason behind weight gain and bad eating habits in many people.

Below are some additional simple yet effective daily activities that you can perform to burn a few extra calories and get in shape even more quickly:

  • Take the stairs rather than elevator whenever you get a chance.
  • Park your car a little far from your work place to get some walk.
  • Go through each and every aisle while doing groceries even if you don’t need anything from that aisle.

Let us know about your favorite activities that burn a good amount of calories in the comment section.

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