Internet is a great tool for getting the latest information and tips on bodybuilding but on the flip side, some of that information and tips are merely based on myths. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can start a blog these days and spread information that is not even true.

Over the years, we have identified the top 5 classic bodybuilding myths which we wanted to share with you in this post so that you don’t fall victim to them.

So here they are:

Classic Bodybuilding Myths

Myth # 1: Muscles Turn into Fat If You Stop Lifting Weights

This is the biggest myth of them all. A lot of gym rats still believe that your muscles can turn into fat if you don’t train on a regular basis.

Muscles do shrink a little if you stop lifting for a longer period of time. Besides, many people continue to eat in excess even though they don’t train anymore and don’t have any way of burning those extra calories. As a result, all those muscles are covered by a thick layer of body fat.

There is no way that muscles can turn into body fat, but overeating and not exercising can definitely make you lose the firmness and shape of your muscles.

Myth # 2: You Can Only Get a 6-Pack if You Do Crunches Everyday

The abs section is the busiest area in any gym. You will see so many beer bellies hanging out in that area and doing countless crunches until they puke only to be disappointed even after so much hard work. Thinking that you can lose fat from your belly area by doing crunches is the same as believing that you can lose fat from your chest area by doing the bench presses. While you will gain some muscle mass in both cases, but those hard-earned muscles will never be visible until you lose that layer of fat on top of them.

In order to make your 6-pack visible, you need to burn more calories than you eat. Remember, there is no such thing as spot reduction in bodybuilding.

Myth # 3: High Reps For Shape, Low Reps For Size

This is another classic bodybuilding myth. You will find many so called bodybuilding gurus preaching to newcomers that they need to perform higher reps usually more than 15 for any exercise to shape a specific part of the body. Performing higher reps will surely build muscle endurance, but it won’t much help you shape your body as you need your muscles to grow to get a nice physique. Muscle growth is only possible when you train beyond failure with heavyweights and eat high quality and clean diet.

Myth # 4: Stretch Before Lifting

Static stretching before lifting weights is so old school, and recent research has shown that it may decrease your muscle strength and become a hindrance in lifting heavy. On the other hand, doing dynamic stretching (fast stretching movements) and performing few warm-up sets before your actual workout puts your muscles in peak condition to lift heavy and avoid injury.

You can perform long and slow stretches at the end of the workout as they are a great way of cooling down your body.

Myth # 5: A Nice Pump Means That Your Workout Was Effective

Another one of the classic bodybuilding myths is that having a nice pump after a workout indicates that your workout was effective and will ensure muscle growth. Nothing can be far from the truth.

You can even get a nice pump by doing a set of 50 reps of any exercise with light dumbbells. Muscle pump and tightness only indicate that blood is accumulating in that part of the body, but in order for your workout to be effective in terms of muscle growth, you need to ensure that you do every exercise with heavier weights, proper form, and train until failure.

Final Words

Don’t believe in every piece of advice that you get about bodybuilding, in the same way that you will not believe in medical advice that you get from a stranger who is not even a doctor. Only rely on credible sources providing time-tested advice on bodybuilding and overall fitness.

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