If your goal is to build monster biceps, then you might have come across many different workouts and advice claiming to be the best.

Unfortunately, a lot of the advice is more hype than substance.

But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ll share 9 no-nonsense bicep-building tips that will have those guns growing.

Now, this won’t happen overnight, but consistently following these tips will ensure that you get those sleeves-bursting biceps.

1. Start Heavy

Lifting Heavy

Always start your biceps workout with a movement that allows you to move heavy weights. Standing barbell curls is the best choice among all biceps exercises to kick-start your workout.

You can either use the straight bar or the EZ bar for this exercise based on which grip feels comfortable to you.

For best results, you should do between 3 to 5 heavy sets of this exercise with no more than 10 reps and no less than 6.

2. Ensure Good Form

Did you notice we mentioned good form and not strict form? That’s because sometimes, sacrificing a little bit of strictness for the sake of lifting heavier weights can actually lead to better muscle growth.

However, this doesn’t mean that you start rocking back and forth like a pendulum while doing those curls. So try to find a balance between strictness and heavier weight. And don’t forget to squeeze those biceps at the top of every rep!

Keep in mind that when it comes to biceps, using too much momentum can result in injuries to your shoulders and elbows.

It will be a good idea to film yourself or ask someone to make a video of you while you’re doing those heavy bicep curls to ensure that you’re not comprising too much on the form and getting your shoulder involved.

3. Give Your Biceps The Attention They Need

In order to achieve your goal of building big biceps, it is important that you dedicate a separate day to arms workout. Start out fresh with biceps exercises so that you can lift heavier and stimulate more muscle growth.

A lot of guys tend to pair their biceps with back or other pulling movements. This is perfectly fine if you already have big biceps but you might want to consider giving them their own day if they are lagging behind.

An effective routine for hard gainers that ensures good biceps growth is to start off with 3 to 4 exercises for your biceps (3 to 5 sets each) and finish your workout with triceps exercises.

4. Become Friends With Drops Sets and Forced Reps

Our muscles are designed in a way that they quickly adapt to the same training routine and stop responding. This is what you call the dreaded bodybuilding plateau.

In order to bring variety to your workouts and push your biceps growth to the limits, incorporate some drop sets in your workout.

If possible, train your biceps with a partner so that you can perform some forced reps to get yourself one step closer to building those huge biceps.

Another option to bring variety to your bicep workouts is to do negative reps where you focus on the eccentric part of the movement and take longer to lower the weight. This will help in causing more muscle damage, ultimately leading to growth.

5. Try Out Different Grips

Different Grips

In order to bring even more variety and stimulate growth, try out different grip positions while doing exercises like barbell curls and preacher curls.

You can experiment with narrow, wide, and neutral grips to target different parts of your biceps.

Generally speaking, a wider grip will target the inner or the short head of the biceps whereas a narrow grip (narrower than your shoulders) will target the outer or the long head of the biceps.

Using a neutral grip allows you to work on both heads of the muscle.

So make sure to switch things up and keep those biceps guessing!

6. Train For The Peak

Monster Biceps

Having nice bicep peaks makes your guns look even bigger. Preacher curls and concentration curls are 2 of the best exercises for building baseball-like peaks. Use these exercises to finish up your biceps workout.

Just like barbell curls, you can use either straight or EZ bar for the preacher curls based on what suits you more.

As mentioned before, try out different grips to ensure maximum muscle growth.

Remember, the key for these isolation exercises is not to swing the weight up using momentum. Keep your elbows tucked in, squeeze those peaks, and don’t forget to breathe!

7. Don’t Neglect Triceps & Brachialis

Train Triceps

Almost two-thirds of your upper arms are made up of triceps. Therefore, only focusing on the biceps may give a nice shape to your arms, but you will not be able to get that monstrous size if you neglect your triceps.

Just like the biceps, don’t train your triceps with any major muscle group and try to lift as heavy as possible without compromising good form.

The brachialis is the muscle that is located on the outer side of your upper arm between your biceps and triceps. Training this muscle further enhances your biceps size and peak.

Hammer curls and reverse grip biceps curls have proven to be the best exercises for hitting this muscle.

8. Include Supinated Chin Ups in Your Workouts

Supinated Chinups

This might sound contradictory to what we said earlier about not training your arms with any other muscle group, but chin-ups with a supinated grip (palms facing you) can be a great addition to your biceps workouts.

Have you seen biceps on gymnasts that look like their arms have been photoshopped?

The almost unreal growth of their biceps is due to the countless pulling movements similar to supinated chin-ups they do on a daily basis.

So be sure to include them in your biceps workout for even better results.

9. Don’t Forget About Your Diet

No matter how hard you work out in the gym, if your diet is not on point, you won’t see those monster gains.

Make sure to eat enough protein (at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is a good guideline) to support muscle growth and fuel those intense workouts.

Proper hydration is also important as it helps with muscle contractions and recovery.

In addition, incorporating healthy fats such as avocado and nuts can also help promote muscle growth.

So don’t neglect your diet and fuel those huge biceps!

How Often Should You Train Your Biceps?

Biceps are fairly small muscles, so it’s important to not overtrain them.

Aim for no more than 2 biceps-focused workouts per week, making sure to give them proper time to rest and recover in between.

Besides, your biceps do get indirectly trained when doing back exercises.

Which Bicep Head is The Biggest?

As the name suggests, the long head of the biceps is the biggest. So it is important that you don’t neglect it and incorporated some narrow grip exercises in your workouts to target it.

Having said that, balanced development is the key to big biceps. Make sure to train both heads and use a variety of exercises to achieve those monster guns!

Final Words

Building monster biceps takes hard work and dedication, and by following the tips above, you will be well on your way to achieving those baseball-like peaks. Don’t forget about diet and rest for optimal results.

Now go hit those curls and turn heads with your biceps!

Feel free to share this post with your friends and family members who also want to build monster biceps.

And as always, happy lifting!

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