If you have been trying to lose weight for some time, then you must have heard or read about those magical negative calorie foods that help you effortlessly shed unwanted pounds.

You may have been led to believe that the more you eat things like celery and grapefruit, the more weight you are going to lose.

As much as we hate to disappoint you, we still have to tell you the truth.

There is no reality to the claim that some foods burn more calories than they contain. Although some foods do come close to achieving this mythical status but none of them really are negative calorie foods.

Don’t believe us yet?

Well, we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

Let us present to you some scientifically researched facts that support our claim. However, we didn’t write this post to simply disappoint you. In fact, we have written this post to show you that there is still a way of eating which helps you burn considerable amount of calories without exercise or starvation.

So let’s get some facts straight.

Digestion Burns Calories

Many people don’t realize that our body burns calories while chewing food and digesting it. On average, about 10% of the calories that we consume are burnt in the digestion process.

However by eating the right foods, you can triple your body’s calorie expenditure on digestion. Still, there is no food known to man that burns more calories in digestion than it contains.

What Type of Foods Burn Most Calories?

The macronutrients i.e. protein, carbs and fats contain different amounts of calories per gram and our body’s calorie expenditure to digest them is also different.

Foods rich in protein have the highest thermogenic effect which means they generate the most heat in our body and burn maximum calories in the digestion process. Below is the breakdown for better understanding:

  • Protein contains 4 calories per gram and our body burns 30% of these calories on digestion.
  • Carbs contain 4 calories per gram and our body burns 20% of these calories on digestion.
  • Fats contain 9 calories per gram and our body burns only 3% of these calories on digestion.

Keeping the above facts in mind, it is easy for anyone to figure out that our diet needs to be high in protein and healthy carbs so that our body burns more calories to digest these foods without making us hungry.

Do Solids Burn More Calories Than Liquids?

The answer is Yes. Our body burns more calories and takes more time to digest solid foods. That is the reason why you feel more satiated after eating an apple as compared to drinking the apple juice.

This means that your diet should mainly comprise of solid foods so that you can stay full and lose weight at the same time.

Eating solid foods also ensures a steady supply of energy to your body and prevents energy crashes which are quite common if you follow a juice based diet.

However, there is place for liquids in your diet as well such as your post workout meal because your body needs easily digestible calories at this time for quick recovery.

Foods That Burn Most Calories But Have Least Amount of Calories

Below is the list of fruits and vegetables that contain very little calories and a lot of those calories are actually burned in the digestion process. You should incorporate them in your daily diet to optimize the weight loss process.

Grape FruitsCarrots

Final Words

By changing the ratio of macronutrients in your diet, you can burn more calories in the digestion process which in turn can make you lose extra weight.

The ideal ratio of protein, carbs and fats in your diet for maximum weight loss is considered to be 40 : 40 : 20 respectively. This type of portioning also allows you to eat a little extra while you still lose weight.

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