If you are new to lifting weights, you probably don’t like the leg day. After all, who likes to do set after set of those grueling squats or leg presses?

There is no doubt that leg day is probably the most intense workout and that is the reason why many people skip it or don’t train legs as often as they should.

Even though it might be hard for you to train legs, but we are here to tell you that you should still train them anyways.

In this post, we will shed some light on 5 reasons why you should not skip the leg day.

reasons not to skip leg day

1. Training Legs Makes You Stronger in Upper Body Lifts Too

Your legs are comprised of some of the biggest and strongest muscles in your body (quadriceps and hamstrings). The stronger they get, the more force you can generate when training other muscle groups such as the back or chest. Therefore if you have a weak set of legs it will be difficult to perform upper-body lifts with enough intensity that generates maximum results. For example, you won’t be able to lift as much weight on deadlifts if you have weak legs and this can directly impact your back development.

Training your lower body also makes it easier for you to squat down and pick up heavy dumbbells from ground level because if your leg strength is not good then this task might become very difficult for you.

Training legs is therefore an important part of helping with any upper-body lifts that might require more strength than what most people usually possess.

2. Building Stronger Legs Prevent You From Injuries

As we grow older, our bones and joints become weaker due to the lack of calcium and collagen.

Research has shown that training your legs regularly can help you prevent osteoporosis in old age, which is otherwise caused as a result of aging itself. The reason behind this phenomenon is that when you train your legs with enough intensity, it stimulates bone growth in the long bones in particular (femur). This increased amount of bone mass gives them more density so they are less likely to break or fracture easily than if you did not engage them in strenuous activity.

Even though many people get injuries from accidents but having weak leg muscles might also lead to serious fractures or breaks.

Having strong leg muscles will prevent you from injury in the long run so you can continue to enjoy a high quality of life for years to come.

3. Your Abs Will Will Also Get a Workout With Squats and Lunges:

If you have ever done a set of squats or lunges (or any other lower body exercises) then you will know that these exercises can be very demanding on your abs too. This means that you don’t have to spend too much time training your abs separately as your midsection is already getting some work while you do leg exercises.

As we all know, having good core strength is important for being able to do daily tasks in the most efficient way possible without putting too much strain on our back muscles. This is especially important for tradies or anyone who does a physical job.

Train your legs at least once a week to ensure that you have a strong lower body that can help you avoid injuries.

4. Leg Exercises Also Boost Your Testosterone:

Legs exercises especially squats and leg presses can stimulate hormones production in your body. An intense workout that targets the lower body can help release testosterone in your blood which is great for building muscle mass.

In addition, squats and leg presses also stimulate growth hormone production which stimulates cell division within your muscles making them bigger after each workout you do. In fact this hormonal response to resistance training has been studied by scientists all over the world who agree on the importance of resistance exercises in order to increase human growth hormones as it directly helps with muscle repair and growth!

Having a good amount of testosterone will make sure that you have enough energy levels throughout the day while providing many other benefits such as increased libido and sexual performance. Testosterone is an important part of any male’s life so try not to miss out on these leg workouts if possible!

Don’t worry ladies!

This doesn’t mean that you’ll start producing as much testosterone as men but you’ll surely produce enough to get your lower body toned and in excellent shape.

5. Your Physique Will Look More Symmetrical:

If you’re someone who is working hard to get in overall better shape, then it’s vital that you don’t skip leg days so that your lower body looks just as good if not better than your upper body.

Without having strong legs, there will be an imbalance in your physique making your upper body look much more developed and muscular compared to your lower body which won’t make for a great-looking figure!

You might have seen some guys on the beach with well-developed shoulders and chest but their “chicken legs” throw their whole physique off balance. Unless you want to look like Johnny Bravo, you should not neglect your legs!

Final Words

In conclusion, by skipping leg day you will not only miss out on the positive benefits mentioned above but it might also lead to serious injuries down the line. This is especially true if you’re someone who likes to stay active and play sports.

Having strong legs can also ensure that your physique looks symmetrical so make sure that you don’t skip leg days! You’ll be glad that you didn’t when summer rolls around!

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